USC Women of Cinematic Arts: LADIES FIRST: Rising Women in Entertainment Producers Panel

Altscholar | Gail Taylor | Cultural Studies

IMG_0403.JPGHollywoodWomen executives produce big budget movies, television shows, and new digital entertainment. Sunday, Dec. 7th, USC’s Women of Cinematic Arts hosted a divine panel of leading Hollywood female execs, including an exec from one of the newest entertainment groups, Amazon Studios.


Internships matter.

Multitasking matters.

Relationships matter.

And so does negotiating the subjectivity of feminine experience.

This means not only do smarts matter, but, according to panelists, women’s intuition, nurturing and, also maternal instincts matter. What does this look like on the job?

Panelists agreed that it looks less like — “Carrie” — and more like the girl next door; The smart, sensible, funny one who gets the job done, often without making a big deal about it. This revelation, while loaded with context, and even dogma, reveals many truths. A great follow-up to this outstanding panel — outstanding due to the fact that the panelists are industry…

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