Truth in Alcohol Advertising

Statute of RyAnne

A really fun part of my day job is I get the opportunity to review copy related to underwriting spots and promotional material. Broadcasting rules and regulations, like any area of the law, are forever evolving. As you can imagine, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, for my non-broadcast readers) can be blamed for regulating a lot of the material you see/hear, or do not see/hear, over a broadcast station.  The Commission’s regulations serve a purpose and are necessary, even when they do not make complete sense to the general public.

Recently, Heineken beer began running a series of advertisements featuring Neil Patrick Harris. See below.

In case you missed it, Neil states, “certain regulations prohibit me from taking a sip in a television commercial.” Then there is this one that is longer and is more of a web-based promotional piece showcasing the Director giving cues to Neil. The Director states…

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