Words & Spelling Count in Copyright

Statute of RyAnne

Sometimes you read something so spot on that it must be shared.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say they wanted to “trademark” their song or get a “copyright” on their business name or that they do not need to license a photograph because it is “fair use,” I would be a far wealthier woman. I simply had to repost the article from earlier this week on the website Plagiarism Today.

The drafters of the Copyright Act made specific selections when choosing what language to include in the copyright statute, what legal terms of art are important and how to adequately define the nuances that live in the realm of intellectual property.  While I recognize copyright is not everyone’s passion, like it is mine, do your resident nerd a favor and read the article below.  You’ll probably save us a few awkward conversations of me imparting my geek…

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