E = Educate Yourself

E = Educate Yourself

I am a firm believer that as long as a person is living, that person should be learning. Education is our responsibility, and essential to be successful. Trends change and systems improve in this fast paced, entertainment business environment. Therefore, it is important to make it a top priority to gain wisdom and make wise decisions at all costs. When it comes to succeeding in the business of entertainment, education can come in many different forms.

I recommend finding a degree program at a university that focuses on your specific field, if you know exactly what you want to do. The network that you build from teachers and fellow students is priceless in a good degree program. A formal education helps a person to build a firm foundation to begin with. Although a formal education is the path that I personally chose, and would chose again if given the chance, there are many other less expensive and increasingly accessible ways that you could educate yourself without tallying up a 6 figure bill, before you have the chance to make one cent. I really like iTunes University that features classes from reputable universities, most of which are completely free of charge.

In order to self educate you must read…read….read! Books are also great ways to customize your education and tailor it towards your preferences. You can also read blogs, magazine articles, Wikipedia pages, listen to books on Audible, get books from the library, read headlines, read masterpieces…make time to read. Your mind and your career will thank you in preparedness, brilliant aha moments, and avoided costly mistakes.

The ways that a person can educate himself/herself are extremely numerous, and I’m only barely touching the surface, but hopefully one of these methods inspires you. Your education needs to start with the people with whom you surround yourself. As much as you can help it, surround yourself with forward thinking, intellectual friends and colleagues who are smarter than you. I also love to go to music, film, and interactive conferences to stay up to date and learn within my industry, and network at the same time. I love killing two birds with one stone! In addition to that, traveling is a major key to learning new things, and gaining a new perspective. The internet is a world-wide, international seemingly never-ending source for free education. There are many great learning tools such as Youtube, podcasts, conference calls, webinars, video calls, and many, many, many more that can motivate the greatness inside of you to new heights!


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